Building The Barn

Hammers pounding, saws buzzing, ‘ol fashion farm meals for the crew, pouring over plans, picking out everything from lighting to trim to the staircase that will carry our brides to their grooms, laughing, sometimes crying, and yes…even arguing over the joys and frustrations of building our barn.  I must say, the past 18 months have been an amazing experience for Tyler and me, and now as we are inches away from its official opening, I’d like to share with you what it has come to symbolize for me.

When we first started the barn project I couldn’t get enough of the pictures on Pinterest of barn weddings. They are amazing! Frankly, that’s what had me almost giddy about our barn – the way it would look. Lately though, I’ve been envisioning the people who will soon fill the barn with their celebrations and wondering-  why are barn weddings so popular anyway? 

What is it about a barn that makes us want to get married in them or in front of them? Well, here’s my theory…

Barns symbolize something that is deep within us (follow me here because I’m about to get a little deep myself). Think about it, when we see a barn it’s more than wood and beams. Barns provide shelter in a storm, security, stability, a place for new life beginning on wobbly legs, they stir a longing for a simpler life, I could go on and on. Maybe those are some of the reasons why so many couples feel drawn to the idea of a barn wedding.

We start our marriages with a deep desire for the safety and security that only the marriage relationship can provide. We dream that the homes we build together will be our “shelter in a storm”, the place where we always come back to the simple things that really matter, where new life and hope for the future is a reality.

But now a dose of truth, I’ve been married 7 years now and I’ve almost built a barn (with a LOT of help). Neither is easy. They both start with a dream, but then the work begins.  That work comes with frustration and fun, investment and loss, seeing eye to eye and compromise, give and take, hope and despair, joy and disappointment. You get the idea. Here’s what I hope we will all remember – barns and marriages are built on an ideal and a lot of hard work, and the more we keep that ideal in our minds and in our hearts, the more likely we are to end up with something really special to show for all that work. 

When I see our barn I see our marriage. Yes, it takes a lot of work, but it’s where I find shelter in a storm, security, stability, a place where new life starts and where we always come back to what’s most important – knowing God and His love, putting each other and our family first – the simple things. And that’s why I love barns and can’t wait for you to enjoy the one we’re building for you here.

— Brianne
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